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After years of research and development, ESP-15 is a highly concentrated, all-natural & organic wound care product. A safe topical dry herbal formula for use on all open wounds. Inspired by ancient Cherokee recipes, ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care draws out toxins, bacteria, & infections in all types of wounds. History has shown ESP-15 to be successful with diabetic ulcers,  poisonous spider bites, deep scratches,  abscesses, oral abscesses, burns, shingles, poison ivy, tick bites & more!  ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care promotes recovery healing from the inside out- eliminating any possibility for future infections from the same wound. 



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1 oz, 10 ml, 10 ml Premixed



Mix with a very small amount of water to the consistency of a paste. Apply to wound and cover with a bandage. Replace the bandage and apply fresh herb every 8-12 hours as necessary.

The premixed ESP-15 is ready to use. Simply apply to wound and cover with a bandage. Replace the bandage and apply fresh herb every 8-12 hours as necessary.



10 ml + 1 oz ESP-15: Plantain, Echinacea Augustifolia, Slippery Elm

Premixed ESP-15: Plantain, Echinacea Augustifolia, Slippery Elm, Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, Lavender, Vegetable Glycerin

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for ESP 15- Rapid Wound Care

  1. Rhonda S .

    I have used several GAGOTI PRODUCTS
    and I absolutely love all of them the ESP 15 rapid wound care cleared up an infected finger in 2 DAYS. And I’ve also used it on a couple of psoriasis spots on my arm that cleared up rapidly and when I fell last fall and scraped my knee cleared it up and didn’t even leave a scar😀

  2. Jan .

    I used esp15 on a cut on my finger. Within days the cut was completely closed and healing.

  3. George L.

    This product is amazing,I’ve seen the final out come of it’s used many times from start to end.

  4. Sandy T.

    ESP 15 works with skin infections from healing bug, mosquito and amazing healing from infected spider bites. I have experienced and witnessed amazing healing of infected skin that doctors prescribed as a staph infection and still no change in elderly family members legs, used ESP 15 with dressings over night and saw incredible skin redness change and within the week the skin was healed. My husband mowing the grass was stung by a swarm of yellowjackets and his ankles and legs were swelling and in pain, rubbed herb immediately the pain stopped and swelling gone the next morning, avoided ER visit. I have seen infected, pus filled infection on my family member that a dermatologist recommended rx and it did nothing and surgery was scheduled to lance the infection and remove infection surgerically. One week and the infection was clearing up and cancelled surgery. ESP 15 draws the infection out and speeds the healing process immediately. Every home NEEDS ESP15!!

  5. Kristan .

    ESP-15 Rapid Wound care healed my cut in 2 days! I sliced my hand on a mental tab so I smeared ESP-15 on it and covered it with a bandaid. Within 2 days the cut was barely visible. I shared ESP-15 with my mom because she got stuck in the leg with a yard marker flag. She said she couldn’t find the spot where the flag stabbed her the next day after using ESP-15.

  6. Anonymous

    This stuff works wonders, have used it on everything from a dog bite to poison ivy and every time it doesn’t let you down!

  7. Anonymous

    I just ordered it, haven’t tried it yet but know the plants used in the mixture and they are amazing. My grandpa used some of them too to close very deep hole on his back, after removing a big mole and even doctors were amazed how it healed.
    Also their customer service is very good! Great people!

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