Shingles Relief

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Proprietary blend of herbs inspired by Cherokee Indian formulas. It has been proven in our trials to not only relieve the intense pain, burn, and itching of the shingles virus, but also dry up the rash.

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After years of research and development, we have carefully crafted a proprietary blend of herbs inspired by Cherokee formulas to shorten the timeframe of a shingles outbreak. Our Shingles Relief has shown to reduce pain, irritation, and lessen the chances of complications for those suffering from shingles. Our formula works hard to dry up the rash and remove all irritants, all the while putting much needed nutrients back into your body. 



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Mix a small amount of herb with a small amount of water to the consistency of a paste. Apply to Shingles breakout and cover with a waterproof bandage that seals all the way around the edges. Change bandage and apply fresh herb every 8-12 hours as necessary.



Plantain, Echinacea Augustifolia, Slippery Elm

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2 reviews for Shingles Relief

  1. Annette .

    Just after realizing that I had developed shingles on my FACE I started to use the Shingles Relief. Within a few minutes of putting it on the bad burning pain that I was having calmed down to just a tingle. When only wearing the product for about 5 hours for two days in a row the spots that had just developed were already in the scabbing stage. I never really even went through a puss stage. So lucky and excited! The product worked great!

  2. Tom .

    I received the herbs to use during a bout with shingles. I made them into a thick paste, applying to the active areas. The relief was almost immediate and lasted for several hours. I was grateful for the relief and used it several times a day for the duration. With the herbs I was finally able to sleep. Thank you for the help with a miserable condition.

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