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Carefully crafted from high quality herbs and essential oils, our organic sun + wind relief moisturizer spray has been infused with Frankincense and Red Raspberry for added benefits. Frankincense restores dry skin and scars and Red Raspberry absorbs UVB rays not only resulting in a faster tan, but also reduces the risk of skin cancers.




Spray a fine mist over the skin and massage in gently.



Rosewater, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba, Tea Tree, Frankincense Essential Oil, Red Raspberry Essential Oil

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Sun + Wind Relief

  1. Kristan .

    I have tried many different facial moisturizers but with the majority I would end up with red irritated skin because my skin is so sensitive. The facial moisturizing spray with frankincense leaves my face moisturized by not greasy. Highly recommended it!

  2. Rhonda S .

    I’ve used several GAGOTI GOLD FACIAL PRODUCTS. Especially love the sun moisturizer with the frankincense which is also great for sunburn

  3. Anonymous

    Such a great product, most dry up after 2 minutes of the applications but this really keeps the skin moist, soothes the burn, and makes you WANT to use it. It smells good on top of it all!

    Coming from someone who had 2nd degree burns, it really works!!

  4. Anonymous

    Ok. So I burned my hand making hamburgers. I know, stupid but alas, when I flipped the burger hot grease splashed my hand. I had no burn relief cream other than thus, which, I know, says sun burn and wind burn relief. I immediately sprayed my hand and I’m not going to lie, I sprayed it multiple time because, well, it stung soooo bad. You know as burns do. Now in my experience, as a clutz, I’ve burned myself multiple times while cooking and I am not a frequent product review person but as my hand feels much better, and not only that, didn’t blister like it normally would have I had to say, this also works, apparently for grease burns if used right away. Pictures attached. This is 3 hours after the burn. I circled it, because yeah, if worked that good.

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    Image #1 from Shauna Adkirson
  5. Anonymous

    This product is amazing! I have very sensitive skin so I get sunburned easily. This product takes the heat right out and moisturizes at the same time. Highly recommend. I keep a bottle with me at all times.

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